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We understand the impact mental health struggles have on people’s lives. We’ve been there ourselves. Our experiences led us to create Pacifica. It’s a solution grounded in empathy: meeting people where they are in moments of need, and surrounding them with tools and strategies that provide relief.

We’re proud of what we built.

Users around the world have told us it works—and the evidence supports them. In a randomized study of 500 adults with mild to moderate anxiety and depression, our tools were shown to decrease their symptoms, with effects that lasted even after participants stopped using the app.

Now as Sanvello, we’re building on that foundation. Big things are on the horizon. A wider array of therapies to open more paths for more people. On-demand access to high-quality virtual coaching and care. Integrated with the health care system, from primary care doctors to insurance plans. This is how you remove the barriers to better mental health, so stigma, cost, and logistics no longer hold back people’s lives.

In collaboration with therapists, doctors and researchers, we are working to build the most effective behavioral health care solution in the world — and put it in the hands of everyone who needs it.

We hope you’ll join us,

Chris Goettel & Dale Beermann

Co-founders, Pacifica

Your data stays private.

At Sanvello, we never share your personal information with anyone unless you explicitly request us to do so. Use our tools with full confidence that your information is private and secure. To learn more, please see our Privacy Policy.

Our mission

To help people build the life skills they need, anytime, anywhere, in any way they choose.

our vision

To be the most accessible and effective behavioral health care solution in the world.

Meet our team.

Carrie Rutstein


Carrie is an executive leader with over 20 years of healthcare industry experience and functional expertise that spans operations, consulting, portfolio, program and project management, client onboarding and technology strategy and execution. Prior to her role leading operations at Sanvello, she was the Vice President of Client Implementation at Optum. Carrie holds a Master’s degree from the University of Denver and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Brian Edds


Brian is a pragmatic leader in high growth organizations. He joined Sanvello in 2019, and leads product strategy and development. Most recently, Brian was VP, Product Strategy of Spok, a healthcare communications provider. Brian earned both his MBA and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Minnesota.

Roxane Battle


Roxane is host of Sanvello’s in-app series “Checking in with Roxane Battle.” A veteran public speaker, Roxane uses her gift of storytelling to make mental health care relatable and help people on their mental health journey. Prior to coming to Sanvello, Roxane spent 20+ years as an Emmy-nominated news reporter and anchor at NBC Minneapolis, CBS, and FOX. An Amazon best selling author, Roxane earned her undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She completed her master’s degree in journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Josh Murphy


Josh has more than 10 years of healthcare operations experience with expertise in clinical workforce management, provider network management, onboarding, and reporting and data analytics. Prior to leading clinical operations at Sanvello, he was Vice President of Clinical Operations at Optum’s HouseCalls business. Josh attended York College of Pennsylvania, where he received a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Kelton Wright


Kelton is an author, speaker, brand specialist, and multi-sport athlete dedicated to helping people live happier lives. She’s taught mindfulness to NFL coaches, led hundreds of women through cycling clinics, written an Amazon best seller on dating, and worked with brands like Headspace, Nike, XBox, Gillette, Runner’s World, Rapha, Teen Vogue, Bicycling Magazine, Thrive Market, Peloton Magazine, and more all with the mission of empowering others. At Sanvello, Kelton is focused on building a content ecosystem with her team that is accessible, inclusive, and impactful.

Nicholas Solter


Nicholas has held engineering and product leadership positions in companies ranging from four-person startups to corporations including Sun Microsystems and Adobe Systems. Prior to Sanvello, Nicholas was CTO and CISO at Reliant Immune Diagnostics, where he led development of the MDBox end-to-end telemedicine platform. In addition to his industry experience, Nicholas is the lead author of two technical books, “Professional C++”​ and “OpenSolaris Bible,” has taught college-level programming, and is the inventor on several patents. Nicholas earned a BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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All together now.

By keeping patients, doctors, counselors, and insurance providers on the same page, Sanvello is working to make the mental health system more connected and effective.

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