Learning to accept our bodies is a process. And even when we’re in a good place, we can still have days where we feel insecure, unsure, and unhappy. 

I know that it can sometimes feel overwhelming, or even scary, to confront our feelings about our bodies. As a gymnast who has been on the world stage, my relationship with my body has been through so many ups and downs. The pressure to look or perform a certain way can be so overwhelming at times that we forget to appreciate who we are. 

But there are tools, organizations, support groups, and processes that can help us to find our footing again and fully embrace our bodies exactly as they are in this moment. For me, self-care go-tos like journaling, meditation, and therapy have been so impactful in changing my perception of myself. 

Every journey is different, so I wanted to pull together as many resources as possible to help each and every one of us find our way to acceptance. With the help of the Sanvello team, we’ve created the list below to support you.


Aly’s body acceptance resources 

Remember, it’s OK to take your time on your journey to self-acceptance. Your comfort is what matters. Be kind to yourself and reach out to a loved one or a mental health professional if you would like extra support. You’re already here, doing the work, and that alone is a big step and something to be proud of.