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We’re excited to announce that Coaching is now available to all our members. We’re particularly proud of this feature, and we can’t wait to hear your experiences. Get started with a Sanvello Coach today, and get the support you deserve on your mental health journey.  

People who use Sanvello coaching engage in self-care activities at 3 times the rate of non-coaching users. (Plus, you can get an entire month of coaching for what you would pay for one therapy session.)

What is Sanvello Coaching?  

Sanvello Coaches provide personal support and help you get the most out of Sanvello’s self-care features. A coach is there to be your confidential, nonjudgmental ally, helping you bring the tools and concepts you’re learning into your daily life. 

Message as frequently as you like, and your coach will provide tips for using the app, words of encouragement, and support on your mental health journey.  

What is Sanvello Group Coaching?   

Our Guided Journeys are proven to help people feel better. With Sanvello Group Coaching, you can attend live video sessions where a Sanvello Coach gets into the real-life application of the lessons taught in each of our Guided Journeys. 

Sit back and listen, or anonymously share your own questions and strategies, so you can get the insights you need and help others at the same time.  

Community-focused features like this one are the reason 7 out of 10 people love Sanvello enough to recommend it to their friends.  


Where can I sign up and how much is coaching?  

Sanvello Coaching costs 50% less than other similar products on the market. To get started, open the Sanvello app and navigate to your Account, then click Upgrade
From there, you will be presented with two ways to sign up.    

  • Upgrade via subscription is the self-pay option available to all members (a subscription is $50/month and includes all premium app features as well)  
  • Upgrade via insurance is available for members whose employer has purchased coaching as a benefit. Click the green ‘Access all app features and coaching’ button and type in the name of your employer to see if it’s already been purchased. 

Our coaches are standing by ready to help you on your journey to feeling better and achieving your goals.